Weld Repairs

Abbfab Services are also able to offer a weld repair service for castings and other items in a variety of materials.

The repairs can take the form of the building up with metal of badly eroded or worn areas of valve seats as well as the building up of damaged flange faces or eroded / corroded impeller vanes, allowing the re-machining of the component, this is a cost effective means of repair as compared to sourcing a new casting with all the attendant costs of machining, long lead-times etc., in the case of a weld build-up, the only machining costs are typically to the welded areas. In some cases, this may be the only cost effective solution were a replacement component is not available and the cost of a new casting would be prohibitive.

We have also undertaken repair work to machinery for clients, repairing fractures and cracking in press frames, this is usually a cost effective means of prolonging the useful life of older, specialised plant. However, this type of work is only undertaken after a thorough examination of the equipment in question to ascertain whether the repair would be technically possible with a reasonable guarantee of success.

All repairs are subject to a minimum of dye penetrant or magnetic particle examination, however, should the client request it, radiography / ultrasonic examination is an option.

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