Fabricated Steel Press Repair

Abbfab Services were approached by a local plastics component manufacturer to repair a fabricated steel press used in part of the production process which was exhibiting signs of cracking and deformation.

It was Abbfab Services preferred option that the unit required re-manufacturing, due to the deterioration of the existing unit, however the client requested that we consider repairing the existing fabrication as they could not afford production to be halted longer than necessary due to this vital piece of equipment being out of service. We agreed that we would carefully examine the existing unit and give our considered opinion as to whether a repair was feasible.

During non-destructive examination of the unit it became apparent that the level and severity of cracking to the main frames was to such an extent that it would be impossible to effect repairs solely by welding up the cracks. As an alternative Abbfab Services proposed to the client that it would be conceivable to remove where possible cracked sections of the frame and replace with new steel welded in, all other cracks would be fully excavated and weld repaired and additional strengthening gussets put into critical areas to further strengthen the frame whilst still retaining the majority of the original fabrication. Our client agreed to this course of action.

Over a period of several days, the unit was cleaned of surface contamination (mainly hydraulic oil) and a thorough inspection of all welds undertaken, using non-destructive examination processes to assess the full extent of the repairs required. Old, cracked steel was cut out when possible and new plates fabricated and welded in, additional strengthening gussets and doubler plates where welded in and any cracking which could not be completly cut out and replaced with new steel was repaired by grinding out the cracks and fully welding the resulting excavation. Prior to welding, the excavated area was again non-destructively examined to ensure all defects had been removed.

Upon completion, the fully repaired unit was returned to the client and returned to service, allowing them to resume production, with minimal down time and disruption to production.

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