Tanks & Vessels

Pressure vessels

Abbfab Services have the capabilities to manufacture pressure vessels, built to meet the requirements of international design codes, such as PD5500, EN13445 as well as clients' individual requirements, for both off-shore and on-shore applications and where applicable being fully compliant with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU and 'CE' marked when required.
In addition to the fabrication of pressure vessels Abbfab Services can also undertake the manufacture of filter housings, separators, air receivers and tube heat exchangers to clients specifications allied to the oil, gas and refining industry sectors.

Pressure vessels and other items can be manufactured in a range of materials, for example, Carbon Steels (A516, A105, A333 etc.) stainless steel (304 & 316) Duplex (UNS31803) and Super Duplex. Within our workshop we can manufacture vessels up to 20 tonnes in weight and 3.4 metres diameter.

Design of pressure vessels is undertaken by approved sub-contractors, using specialist pressure vessel modelling software and surveillance of the manufacturing process, in accordance with design code requirements, is undertaken by our preferred independent inspection company, British Engineering Services, or the clients' nominated independent inspection company. Upon completion, a full manufacturing dossier is provided, containing all relevant certification.

Tanks & storage vessels

Abbfab Services can manufacture a variety of storage tanks, such as bunded oil storage tanks, water storage tanks, vessels for the food and brewing industries, e.g. brewery fermentation vessels. Food vessels can be produced with a variety of internal polished finishes. All vessels are to clients specifications or to the requirements of the relevant design codes.

Abbfab Services also offer the option of site installing your vessel once fabrication has been completed in our workshop.

"Kelburn Engineering Ltd. offer world class solutions in liquid separation technology. To achieve this we need reliable suppliers who are as dedicated as us to technical content, quality and customer service."
Mike Watson - Kelbur

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