General Welding

The welding processes in pressure vessel manufacture have to be of the highest quality. With correct surface preparation, tools and welding techniques we can ensure that these critical welds pass the most exacting inspection standards.

Abbfab Services has the proven capabilities of welding a wide range of metals, ranging from the common structural grades of steel (S275 and S355 groups) to 'exotic' materials such as low alloy steels, Duplex and Super Duplex steels, Hastelloy® C22 and C276, Zeron®, 9% chrome / 1% molybdenum steel, and 13% chrome / 4% nickel steels, using the following processes, Manual Metal Arc, Tungsten Inert Gas and Metal Inert Gas.

All welding is undertaken to approved welding procedures using qualified welders. Procedures and welders are qualified to the current editions of ASME IX or ISO standards (e.g.BS EN ISO 15614-1, BS EN 287-1)  and procedures are endorsed by independent Notified Bodies, e.g. British Engineering Services Ltd., Lloyds Register EMEA or BSI Product Services.

When contract requirements stipulate, or there is a code requirement, non-destructive examination (e.g. radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle or penetrant testing) of welds is undertaken to the requirements of the relevant code or clients issued specifications, using PCN certified operators.

A full documentation package is provided at completion of the contract, containing all relevent documentation.

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